How Amazon is proved to be a milestone for Pakistan?

After this huge achievement, we have come to realize that Pakistan is being recognized globally. This has benefited Pakistan in all possible ways.

Over one year’s struggle, our Prime Minister MR Imran Khan has been able to fit Pakistan in the amazon seller list. Widening the opportunities for the youth and the generations to come. Uncourtly, the world we live in today is digital. No matter how large or small a business is, social media platform is for everyone to grow and promote. It has become very necessary to learn and understand online marketing.

It does not only offer business community but freelancers are also encouraged. Increment in employment. It is also a great chance for entrepreneurs to put their face-off and to attain recognition for their efforts.

As we tend to grow, the competitions become tougher. The only way to stick and flourish through this is to keep working hard and make effective use of the online marketing space.

Pakistan’s e-commerce market size has enhanced up to 35% in the first quarter of the current fiscal year to Rs96 billion, compared with Rs71 billion over the corresponding period of the previous year. Pakistan is rapidly enabling the growth of this sector.

Amazon’s global net revenue increases by approximately $45 billion on a year-on-year basis. Pakistan being a part of it will result in the expansion of the economy.

Besides the economic growth for Pakistan. It will help sellers to sell and expel through the platform with ease. It will mostly benefit Pakistan-based merchants that want to sell their products abroad.


How to be productive in Ramadan?

Ramadan is considered the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and the holy month of fasting. It is the month of blessing and forgiveness, every act towards Allah is increased in this particular month.

Ramadan is the most awaited month for Muslims due to its significant importance. It is also known as the month of the Quran, as Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad through Angel Gabriel in this specific month.

Since our routine changes in this blissful month, we tend to ignore all the red flags coming through our way which leads to laziness and an unhealthy diet.

So, without any further ado, here are some of the tips which will make you utilize most of it in this holy month;

Stay healthy

Now, this is one of the most important reasons why most of us tend to become inactive and negligent. Eating right is beneficial to overeating a lot. You should focus on high-energy items which have all the required proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. You should consume a light meal in iftar to avoid inertness.

Staying healthy by eating right will make you the most productive yet active throughout your day.

Do any type of physical activity

Some type of movements will help in maintaining your strength and will help do away with all the negativity from your head.

It is not necessary to do some intense workout or gym, you can preferably just go for a walk or do some cardio.

Spend time in Ibadan

Now after suhoor, one shouldn’t just sleep. This is the main cause of the inactiveness and laziness for the rest of your day. Begin your fast with dhikr, read Quran. Plan your rest of the day.

Try to serve humanity by helping others. Just a small act of kindness can do wonders in your akhirah. By performing these following things one can concentrate on the spiritual’s beliefs.

  • Read Quran
  • Pray
  • Read tasbeeh
  • Make duas
  • Read Tafsir

Set goals

Setting goals may sound tough or something that cannot be followed ritually, but it’s not impossible. If you have to overcome the dizziness in your routine you have to set goals.

Just setting goals isn’t very helpful until you follow them. Don’t worry many of us sets goals but are unable to follow them.

To overcome this problem, there’s just a simple solution. NOT TO SET COMPLICATED GOALS.

By preparing easy and simple things, it will be easier to follow them.

The advantage of setting a routine is, it helps to distract from food and overthinking yet making it more productive.

The spirit of Ramadan is all about doing more than you do in the entire year – this month does not hinder your productivity in any way if only you learn to focus on your goals.


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Rumi’s Square

Jalal ud Din Mohammad Rumi was a 13th-century Persian poet, scholar, and saint who changed the dimension of knowledge and wisdom through his unique style and approach. Rumi’s influence transcends cultures and continents with hordes of followers visiting his shrine in Konya.

Blue World City has named one its main squares after Maulana Rumi, erecting a precisely chiseled sculpture of the great saint in his dervish swirl posture. This 70-feet tall night-lit sculpture will mesmerize the visitors with its aura of spirituality.

  • A tribute to Jalal ud Din Mohammad Rumi a 13th-century saint
  • 70 Feet Tall
  • Precisely chiseled sculpture in his dervish swirl posture
  • Night-lit Sculpture with an aura of spirituality
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Blue World City’s Horse Mascots, reaching 125-feet from ground-level, are going to be the tallest sculpture in the world, worthy of a place in the legendary Guinness Book of World Record surpassing the 30-meter tall Kelpies, in Scotland, which attract tourists from all over the world.
Situated by the Central Avenue, Horse Mascots will surprise the visitors with their towering presence evoking a sense of awe and wonder with a spellbinding effect, particularly at night when the lit sculptures will even be visible from the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.
The lush green meadows surrounding the sculptures, food court and commodious parking area will add to the pleasure of this visit. Horse Mascots’ basement hall will house an Art Museum for the patronage of arts and artists.
• 125 Feet Tall Sculptures (World’s Tallest)
• Inspired by the Kelpies, Scotland
• Covering 147,500 Sq Ft
• Night-lit, visible from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
• Art Museum in the basement hall
• Food Court & Vast Parking Area
• Surrounded by Lush Green Meadows & Shopping Malls

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Corporate Office

Blue World City is a world-class tourist destination. Therefore, the project features some of the most prominent historical monuments and modern wonders of the world, in one place.
The 300-feet tall replica of Burj Al Arab is a vertical stretch of the imagination that is being sculpted to perfection under the constant supervision of a team of noted architects, engineers and builders. The tower will serve as the corporate head-office of BGC-IGC Consortium, the owners of Blue World City. The Blue World City’s Burj Al Arab features a cantilevered sky-roof restaurant, a helipad, a rooftop tennis court, an Infinity pool and a 119-feet high atrium.
• 300 Feet Tall
• 14 Floors + 3 Basements
• Covering 11802 Sq Mtr
• Skyview Towers inspired by Botanical Gardens Thailand
• Skyroof Restaurant, Helipad, Roof Top Tennis Court
• 119 Feet High Atrium
• Executive Penthouse Apartments
• Corporate Offices
• Gym & Spa

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Night Safari & Zoo

Blue World Night Safari & Zoo
Pakistan’s First Real Night Safari
The real thrill and excitement of the wild comes to town with Blue Town Night Safari & Zoo Pakistan’s First Real Night Safari. Experience the jungle Kingdom in a unique setting within an enclosed and absolutely secure environment.
Along with the incredible day safari where you will get to see all the animals in the park up-close, now for the first time in Pakistan you will observe the animals at night which will include some of the most fascinating nocturnal wildlife.
It will be chance of a lifetime to get close to your favorite animals including lions, giraffes, zebras, crocs, hyenas, bear, llamas, tigers, deer and much more.
• Most exciting and exotic breeds of animals
• Islamabad’s largest aviary
• Tour de Jungle
• Safari Express
• Day and Night time zoo
• Play area for kids
• Fast food and restaurants
• Foolproof security

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Water Theme Park

Blue World Water Theme Park is a spectacular tourist attraction at Blue World City. Being developed in collaboration with world-renowned Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd., China Blue World Water Theme Park is being built over 70,000 square meters of hilly terrain with natural contours adding to the excitement and thrill of the place.

In addition to 20 world-class hot rides, Blue World Water Theme Park also features a playing area for kids and all the renowned fast-food brands including McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut and others for an action-packed family day-out!

  • Built over 70,000 square meters
  • Natural hilly contours adding to the excitement and thrill of the place
  • 20 world-class hot rides
  • Playing area for kids
  • Fast-food outlets
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Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey is reflective of the glory of Islamic civilization and architectural tradition. Blue World City, Islamabad, features an exact replica of the Blue Mosque, Turkey, not just in form but also in essence. Blue Mosque is being built over 104 kanals of land, the covered area is precisely the same as the original mosque, with an ambiance to evoke the same awe and the sublime spiritual experience, which remain the hallmarks of Blue Mosque, Istanbul.

The Blue Mosque at Blue World City has been designed and is being built by a team of professional architects, engineers and craftsmen who are emulating the same detail as the original with the same zeal.

  • Built over the land footprint of 43494 Sq Mtr
  • Covered Area: 7946 Sq Mtr Ground Floor + 5018.52 Sq Mtr Basement
  • Indoor Capacity: 15000 (5000 more than Blue Mosque Istanbul’s 10000)
  • 5 Main Domes, 6 Minarets, 8 Secondary Domes
  • Park: 35548 Sq Mtr (to accommodate thousands of worshippers on special occasions)

Better living in DEFENCE HOUSING AUTHORITY Islamabad

Choosing an accommodation place is a very important issue for those who are planning to move from one place to another. This issue becomes more important if you are planning to move to a city that already has several residential communities that differ drastically from each other in terms of standard of living. People always look for the socio-economic class standard of living where the level of wealth, comfort, material good, security, and other necessities meet in one place.

DHA-3 is an amplest residential society located several miles away from the main GT road Islamabad and is headed by a serving brigadier of the Pakistan army under the Welfare and Rehabilitation Directorate. It is famous for its beauty and for being pocket-friendly. Besides the services of the gated community, DHA provides other amenities like 24/7 electricity, gas, water, round the clock security system, amusement areas, and proper sanitation systems. Currently, this project is under construction and located in Islamabad. After complete construction, this project will have 2300 residential and different commercial buildings. The major issue people consider is the accessibility to their workplace, schools, shopping centers, and the main city area. DHA-3 due to its prime location of main GT road is followed by many renowned schools, parks, Masjids, banks, big shopping malls like Giga mall, Amazon, Aquatic mall and D mall, etc. and other business hubs.

DHA-3 in Islamabad is a future of defense housing authority followed by the successful delivery of DHA-1 and DHA-2 where anyone can purchase property including luxurious and breathtaking home and villa communities as wells apartment complexes in crowded areas. People who are relocating and searching residential communities to execute their accommodation needs may have their preferences. DHA is a highly luxurious residential community that provides a safe environment and the number of facilities at your fingertips.

Following facilities makes DHA a preferable place to live in:

1: Gated community:

What follows safety and security when it comes to the benefits of living in a gated community, is the extra privacy that it provides. DHA is a gated community which at first guarantee safety and security and secondly you can have your own space away from any hustle, intruders or trespassers. This kind of exclusivity attracts public figures, celebrities, or peace lovers’ people to DHA.

2: Safety system:

DHA being under the control of the military is providing a fully automated security system that prevents unauthorized vehicle and people access to the facility, pin-point security breaches, and incidents, offer enhanced security and safe-home community benefits. DHA is managing 24×7 security operations for round the clock pro-active monitoring and management.

3: Sanitation system:

DHA provides basic civic amenities such as solid waste systems, sewage treatment plants (STP), road networks, and other facilities to residents of DHA as per the rules and regulations and that no leniency will be shown in this regard.

4: Better property value:

People always desire to find the best housing societies at different locations, DHA is an adorable choice to buy property in 2020. People who desire to invest in the top-rated societies most of the time get confused as numerous options are available. DHA is a luxurious housing society with high standards of living and unmatched facilities and has become the best option for both residency and investment which can give a good increase in property value and also the rental yield is also higher for units in DHA.

5: Luxurious Lifestyle:

DHA offers out-class living standards and featuring state of the art infrastructure and heart-winning modern developments. The increasing demand for property in DHA has made this society to extend its phases. Those living in DHA, don’t need to go anywhere outside the society because of its impressive features and standardized living style.

6: Basic amenities:

One of the very convenient pros of living in a DHA is access to several amenities. This gated community usually offer facilities such as parks, golf course, tennis courts, and more, as well as jogging tracks and gyms. This is a perk you would benefit from a gated community of DHA living which would otherwise cost you an exorbitant amount of money.



Investment with ACE Marketing with guaranteed profit

The importance of having well-defined and highly protected property is now widely recognized among economists and policymakers. Property market is more stable than other markets, investment in property generates fixed returns to the investors. Investment in a land, or residential houses is undoubtedly one of the best options for individuals look to gain high returns with zero risk. Investment companies are business entities, which manage, sell and market funds to the public. The main business of an investment company is not only to hold and manage securities for investment purposes, but also offering investors a variety of funds and investment services which include portfolio management, record keeping, custodial, legal and accounting


Following the global financial crisis in 2020, due to epidemic, ACE Marketing remained relatively strong, with values remaining robust when compared to the rest of the world. Over the last 11 years, an unprecedented demand for housing coupled with the rising property values, has created a lucrative market for buy-to-let investors with safe and sound investment. With the number of renters increasing at a record pace and supply at an all-time low, ACE Marketing offers property investors a real opportunity to secure strong growth potential and reliable rental returns to the coming years.

Why to choose us?

• ACE marketing being registered by Security exchange commission of Pakistan and Federal board of Revenue, come with over 11 years of cumulative experience in real estate and construction field.

• We are a corporation or trust engaged in the business of investing pooled capital into financial securities.

• We provide easy investment plans to our investors ensuring their principle amount is in the safe hands.

• We feed investors with the debt security typically entitled to the payment of principal and rent, together with other contractual rights under the terms of the issue, such as the right to receive certain information.

• We provide payback guarantee to our investors within time period of 2.5 years.

• Giving 50% return on investment through an agreement in writing.

  • ACE Marketing is widely considered as a safe haven for property investors, attracting investment from buyers based domestically and overseas. With both capital gains and rental returns on monthly basis.

Overseas Pakistanis:

ACE marketing is one of the main sources of foreign direct investment in Pakistan. Millions of Pakistanis are spread all around the world to find a better living. However, at the end of the day they want to invest in Pakistan to secure a home for themselves and their children’s future. ACE Ghar brings opportunities for not only nationwide but also to people living out of the country with safe and secure real estate investments.DHA Approved Project:
The Ace Ghar is DHA approved with upholding NOC from DHA. When you are hunting for a residential plot, house on easy installment or investment plan, ACE Marketing offers diversity that stretches across different asset classes.


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