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Blue World City, the flagship project of BGC-IGC Consortium, is a Pak China Friendly City. Adjacent to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2), on the CPEC route, at a 20-minute drive from New Islamabad International Airport, Blue World City is Pakistan’s first-ever world-class tourist destination within an international standard master-planned lifestyle community.

Featuring some of the most renowned tourist destinations including Burj Al Arab, an exact replica of the Blue Mosque Istanbul, the world’s tallest Horse Mascot, Rumi’s Square and a world-class Water Theme Park, in a safe and secure gated community with a hilltop 5-star hotel, Blue World City is going to be a haven for local and international tourists. The inclusion of Blue World Economic Zone in the project makes it an ideal place for local and international traders and businessmen to conduct their business sitting next to the CPEC route.

Conceived as a city within the city, Blue World City is a masterpiece of town-planning and architectural excellence. The community project is equipped with all the facilities of an urbanized lifestyle in the most peaceful and picturesque surroundings. From precise planning to flawless execution, the project development is gaining momentum with every passing day, under the constant supervision of seasoned engineers, architects, town-planners and technical supervisors.

In order to meet international standards, the fast-paced development and structuring are underway in line with the best and the latest American technique. The 208-feet wide Central Avenue and access avenue are being structured and developed at par with the professional parameter of B-tech engineering technique AASHTO (American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials).

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